Sophia the Robot hosts auction of NFT digital art

17. März 2021

Sophia the Robot hosts auction of NFT digital art

Popular humanoid robot Sophia is the first Artificial Intelligence to create NFT artwork.

The non-fungible token (NFT) industry continues to boom. Now, „Sophia the Robot“ is also set to auction off a digital NFT artwork of her own.

According to an announcement on Monday, the social humanoid robot will hold an NFT auction on 23 March through the Nifty Gateway platform.

Sophia’s NFTs are based on the works of artist Andrea Bonaceto. Los Angeles-based IV Gallery is Golden Profit curating this collection.

The auction on 23 March will feature several artworks from the NFT collection on Sophia and Bonaceto’s social media channels.

David Hanson, creator of Sophia the Robot, spoke to Cointelegraph about the creative process behind Sophia’s interpretation of Bonaceto’s art:

„We fed Andrea’s work, as well as many of Sophia’s recent paintings, into Sophia’s neural networks. She then created a strong series of new paintings, both digitally and with brushstrokes with her own hands.

According to Hanson, Sophia’s paintings gradually developed a „unique personality“ during the iterative artwork development process, which also resonated with Bonaceto’s art.

The fact that Sophia is now creating NFTs also likely means that the robot is developing a greater understanding of cryptocurrencies.

In 2019, the humanoid robot stated that it had heard of cryptocurrencies but did not use virtual currencies

According to the announcement, the planned NFT drop on Nifty Gateway for Sophia is the first in a series of digital art promotions. Hanson Robotics and decentralised AI firm SingularityNET plan to team up to create the Sophia Collective.

For Hanson, the Sophia Collective is an important step towards a global community that is about open-source collaboration in AI-related digital art.

The popularity of NFTs continues to grow outside the crypto realm. More and more artists and musicians are capitalising on the hype. In early March, Kings of Leon tokenised an album, raising over $1.45 million in the first five days of sales.

The hype even goes so far that the NFT collector’s series MoonCats, which had been dormant for a long time, was recently „revived“. This hype is also attracting critics who point to the carbon footprint of NFT coinage.