EOS Coin – The fast & user-friendly crypto currency

28. November 2018

Behind the EOS Coin is the EOS.IO software, which is an operating system based on blockchain technology. The aim is to create an operating system that is decentralised and suitable as a platform for a wide range of software developments. At the same time, the software should be able to handle millions of transactions in one second.

Thanks to the unique architecture, the blockchain can be scaled upwards as required. The coin is only a token, which will be important for the software later. At the moment the development is still in full swing, because it is a relatively young project. However, its creator, Dan Larimer, has been working in the field of crypto currencies for quite some time and has already gained some experience.

What is this Bitcoin profit?

The crypto currency is a token that is supposed to play an important role in the EOS.IO. But only in the future. So far the Bitcoin profit project is still in development, the tokens have already been distributed to finance the current project. Here is more info: www.onlinebetrug.de/bitcoin-profit The aim of the developers is to create a platform that functions as an operating system on a blockchain basis. Commercial and decentralized applications that also use blockchain technology are to be developed on the platform.

The goals of the EOS crypto currency can be compared quite well with those of Ethereum. Both are about creating a platform based on the blockchain. The blockchain is the software behind the crypto currencies. It also serves as a database and records all transactions carried out using the crypto currencies. Another similarity to Ethereum is the use of Smart Contracts. Ethereum used these digital contracts for the first time on the basis of blockchains. Smart Contracts are contracts that are automatically handled if certain conditions occur without a third party having to ensure that the contract is adhered to.

The exchange of coins with Bitcoin code is already regulated by Smart Contracts

There are differences to Ethereum. In the Bitcoin code network, transactions are to be validated by means of the ‚Delegates Proof-of-Stake‘. Ethereum is still planning to introduce the simple proof-of-stake according to onlinebetrug.de. Proof-of-stake means that the user must have coins of the crypto currencies himself in order to validate transactions on the blockchain. „Delegated“ means that members of the network choose witnesses to perform this validation. This makes the blockchain much more secure than other proof-of-stake or proof-of-work methods. At the same time, the transactions of the crypto currency should be completely free of charge. Critics claim that the delegated proof-of-stake process will result in a group of individuals exerting too much influence. We will have to wait and see.

What EOS.IO ultimately wants to offer is a decentralized operating system that runs on several servers simultaneously and synchronizes the interactions of several computers with one another. The blockchain technology, which basically already does this, is intended to do this. Apps and other applications are to be developed on this operating system. Due to asynchronous communication, this blockchain should be able to execute up to one million transactions per second.